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Short CV

Hansjoerg (27.2.) and Ingrid (8.5.) Schaerer, with Sarah-Linda (31.10.) and Salome (23.4.) 

We lived in Tanzania from 1994 until 2003. There we stayed in Morogoro, Songea, Mtwara, Tunduru, Nanjoka, Mbesa and most of the time in Dodoma. We helped the local Christians in different ways:

- by translating and editing christian books into Swahili
  (they were bought by all denominations)
- by running a Bible Correspondence School (Emmaus)
- by teaching in a Bible School
- by helping the local christians
- and in other ways.

Our mission that sent us was a brethren mission based in Germany (MBW, Wiedenest). In Tanzania, it is called CMML (Christian Mission in Many Lands (T), German Branch).

After having returned to Switzerland for good, we kept on working for christian ministries. We first worked for OM (Operation Mobilisation).

In 2005 Hansjörg joined MEOS an organisation that reaches out to immigrants that come to Switzerland. See more of this present ministry on the page Arbeit mit MEOS.


Please do contact us!

email:    hischaerer  (at)  gmx.net
mobile:  0041 (0) 76 305 72 23
skype:   familieschaerer